Episode 40- Re-Animator, directed by Stuart Gordon

The Unfilmable H.P. Lovecraft

“Herbert West has a perfectly good head on his shoulders, and another one in a dish on his desk.”

Throwing back to an episode originally recorded in 2015, we present to you this treasure from the vaults. The boys look into the literary auteur, H.P. Lovecraft, a pulp writer from the 1920s, who would die penniless and unrecognized.

Nearly 100 years later Lovecraft has left an indelible mark on all horror to come since. Probably not since Edgar Allan Poe can we find another author who presented such a watershed moment for modern horror. Matt and Trevor have read Lovecraft’s HERBERT WEST: RE-ANIMATOR, a serialized short story about a man with Victor-Frankenstein syndrome. But reanimating corpses of humans proves to have some horrific consequences. This short story was adapted into a 1985 film from director Stuart Gordon, H.P. LOVECRAFT’S RE-ANIMATOR.

This hard-R rated salute to comedy and horror, comes from the school of classic 80s horror cinema, adopting Lovecraft’s elements into a hilariously horrifying romp starring Jeffery Combs and directed by the great Master of Horror himself, Stuart Gordon.

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