Episode 46- The Final Reckoning With Cameron Maris- Oscar Special Part 2

It’s still that time of year, again. When some of the best and brightest artists working in the medium of film, keep scrabbling and vying for the attention of a tiny little naked bald man who’s holding a sword in front of his man-business.

Matt and Trevor, the usual suspects at the cafe of our dreams, are joined by their Oscar Czar, Cameron Maris. Cameron is a Utah based musician who Trevor saw fighting a duel behind the Luxembourg in France. A

As an obvious follow-up to our Oscar coverage in the last episode, we spend some time talking about the big time nominees and what we can expect from the winners circle, and who we’d like to see go. We continue the rundown, burning across the gamut of categories, our final destination: best picture 2017! It’s part 2 of our quest to talk Oscar with you. Stay tuned for bonus cold open with new, never before heard EGOT talk, which drives Trevor up the wall.

Cameron Maris Will Return In Octopussy…

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