Episode 66- PSYCHO, The Nighthawks Podcast 3-Year Anniversary

Big news from the little Nighthawks diner on, this, our three-year anniversary for the podcast.

First things first, it is official: Matt, Trevor, and all the fictitious staff of the conceptual Nighthawks diner will be joining the Hello Sweetie Podcast Network out of Salt Lake City, Utah. While the partnership with the network wont change operations at the diner, we’re excited to begin recommending some exciting new podcasts that we think our listeners will enjoy.

Hello Sweetie began as a podcast 7 years ago, and they are at the threshold of their 300th episode. Following that episode, the Hello Sweetie Podcast will go into a cocoon, become a pupa, and will quickly blossom into the Hello Sweetie Podcast Network. The network will not only be bringing you your dose of coffee and pie from the Nighthawks Diner, but you’ll also get a dash of regional true crime with This is the Place, a pinch of RPGs and laughter with Dungeons and Comedy, and the girl-geek hot-take on pop culture from the most notorious Sweeties in the Rockies with The Box.

The Hello Sweetie 300th, and Final, Episode will be recorded in front of a live audience, and will commence with a Network Launch Party. The record is at Club 50 West in Salt Lake City, Utah; 7:00 pm; June 8th, 2018.

The Nighthawks will be there to introduce the show to a brand new audience, and to congratulate the Sweeties on 7 years and 300 episodes of strong-as-hell female geek programming. Join us and buy Matt and Trevor a beer.

For the 3rd year anniversary, the boys wanted to roll out a special title.

Often considered one of the greatest directors to have ever lived, Alfred Hitchcock took a step back when he made the influential Psycho from 1960. The small, unassuming black and white movie followed Hitchcock’s previous thriller, North by Northwest starring the unflappable Cary Grant.

Psycho seems to not only embrace Hitchcock’s title of “Master of Suspense” but also transcends it. Sharing DNA with horror and slasher films for decades to come, Psycho left an indelible mark on film making and audiences around the world.

Join the boys for coffee and pie as they discuss this undeniable Paramount classic.

Thanks for sticking with us, those of you who have been there since the beginning. To those of you who are new: welcome. We have plenty of rooms available…

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