Episode 66- PSYCHO

For the 3rd year anniversary, the boys wanted to roll out a special title.

Often considered one of the greatest directors to have ever lived, Alfred Hitchcock took a step back when he made the influential Psycho from 1960. The small, unassuming black and white movie followed Hitchcock’s previous thriller, North by Northwest starring the unflappable Cary Grant.

Psycho seems to not only embrace Hitchcock’s title of “Master of Suspense” but also transcends it. Sharing DNA with horror and slasher films for decades to come, Psycho left an indelible mark on film making and audiences around the world.

Join the boys for coffee and pie as they discuss this undeniable Paramount classic.

Thanks for sticking with us, those of you who have been there since the beginning. To those of you who are new: welcome. We have plenty of rooms available…

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