Back to School with the Nighthawks: Ep. 69- Grosse Pointe Blank

There are no two ways around it folks.

“You can never go home again.”

It’s true in life, and it’s mentioned probably three or four times throughout the course of the episode. Just putting out there that it could be important.

The movie for this session of coffee and pie is an old favorite of Matt’s and a new notch in Trevor’s belt. Believe it or not, only 50% of the Nighthawks Diner had seen Grosse Pointe Blank at the beginning of the summer of 2018. We’re pleased to announce that the numbers have significantly shifted since then.

What better way to explore the trials and tribulations of attending a high school reunion, than by exploring it through the eyes of an assassin with social anxiety?

That’s exactly what director George Armitage did with John Cusack in the lead role, for the 1997 film. The movie is mostly about Martin Blank, a character that disappeared on prom night, ten years previous, and is now considering attending his class reunion. It would be as simple as reconnecting with old friends and rekindling an old romance, but Martin hasn’t led the most savory life since graduation.

A B-story throughout involves Martin’s career as a hitman and assassin. Dan Akroyd plays a rival hitman who is trying to get Martin to join a newly formed hitman guild, or get him out of the way permanently. The result is a coming-of-a-certain-age comedy, mixed with some genuinely handled Hollywood Action.

The boys let you know exactly what it’s like revisiting a movie, that was about revisiting high school, twenty years after the movie was released.

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