Ep 72 The Devil’s Candy- Revenge of Monstoberfest

Doom chords, creeping voices, killer artwork, and heavy metal family values are deftly painted on the screen, in this sophomore effort from Tasmanian filmmaker Sean Byrne.

The first film in 2018’s REVENGE OF MONSTOBER FEST takes the boys from the comforts of the Nighthawks Diner, to the inky black, humid, and hot hills of Texas’ Williamson County. A married couple of rock and roll artists from nearby Austin have locked in their dream home at an unbeatable price.

Meanwhile, a confused killer who tries to keep his literal demons at bay by playing doom chords on a guitar, decides he wants to return home. A home currently occupied by a transplant Austin family.

A criminally underwatched classic for fans of Heavy Metal, Horror Movies, and top-tier genre performances. The Devil’s Candy delivers on its sweetness.

But the Nighthawks can’t do anything the easy way. Not unlike the conflict of a struggling artist finding his way between personal fulfillment and commercial success; The Devil’s Candy is an artwork on two canvases. At issue is the version currently available in release, and a phantom festival cut that the boys saw a few years ago, with 11 extra minutes of content.

Did the 11 minutes make a difference?

Tune in and see… if you dare!

Featured in the film is the artwork of Stephen Kasner, who was briefly profiled in this 2017 piece from Clevescene-dot-com.

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