Ep. 112 Gremlins- 2020 Holiday Special

There are ways in which mogwai and gremlins are like The Nighthawks, and ways in which they are unalike. For example:

“Keep them out of bright light, especially sunlight. It will kill them.”

This applies to both Nighthawks and the mogwai/gremlin population.

“Don’t feed them after midnight.”

This applies to mogwai, but not to Nighthawks. The Nighthawks actually prefer you DO feed them, regardless of the time of day.

For this year’s Holiday Special, Matt and Trevor have tapped the 1984 Joe Dante Action Horror Comedy GREMLINS. A film about adorable creatures that turn into horrible monsters, and the people who are kind of horrible, and keep being horrible, but they get a stern talking to from an independent business owner.

Considered a Christmas classic by the 21st century zeitgeist, the film seems to hold up as an alternative to the 40 new holiday offerings from Hallmark this year.

I’m not kidding, Hallmark made 40 holiday films. This year.

Dark and frightening by turns but this PG, should have been PG-13 slab of rib-tickling nightmare fuel has become a crossover for adults and youngsters alike, prompting a sequel and an upcoming animated television prequel.

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