Nighthawks Salutes Stoner Movies for 4/20

Hey all you stoners and stoners-at-heart out there! For 4/20 we’ve curated a list of episodes on our favorite movies about sex, drugs, and rock and roll and collected them right here for you.

After 117 episodes we’ve covered a lot of movies, and a lot of them deal in marijuana to some degree or another. But these are the movies we thought our listeners would want to hear about on this 4/20.

Ep 31- ‘Half Baked’

The Nighthawks first 4/20 special from 2016, where they discuss the film HALF BAKED, an all-but-forgotten title from the late 90s that the boys just can’t bring themselves to call a “forgotten gem.”

While the movie succeeds at what it aims to do (which isn’t much), there’s a lot to explore, including sowing the seeds of a comedy juggernaut that would fly past HALF BAKED and become regular vocabulary for the Zeitgeist at large.

From the comedy genius of Dave Chapelle to the comedy… stylings… of Jim Breuer, HALF BAKED is the movie that they roll up and smoke in the alley behind the diner. Who’s hungry?

Ep. 63- ‘The Big Lebowski’

No matter if you’re satiating your artistic interpretation, or satiating your munchies; Jennie the Nighthawks Podcast Diner Waitress has you. For the 2018 4/20 special, the Nighthawks present TOTALLY UNCENSORED and TOTALLY SPOILER-FILLED episode. Matt and Trevor exalt one of the most beloved stoners of the silver screen: The Dude.

An off-the-wall mixture of the grittiest of film noir and the indiest of film character study, The Big Lebowski is a Coen Brothers movie that stands on its own. A movie that belongs nowhere, yet is so beloved it is synonymous with cult following. We’re not kidding. There’s a religion. Want some good movie chatter with your edibles, or lack thereof? The Nighthawks abide.

Ep. 101- ‘Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle’

This episode deals with raunchy pot comedies from the early millennium. That being said, we also need to apologize for a lot of comedy from the early millennium. There’s a lot of gay panic in Harold & Kumar’s franchise. Something that we weren’t sensitive to back then, but is a call for introspection now.

Speaking of introspection, it’s not all insensitive humor. The poop and fart jokes still land as poop and fart jokes, and the movie offers us a refreshing look at functional stoners, as well as non-white protagonists.

Issues of race and xenophobia are touched on. So are early millennium hangups on plural sexuality.

Take a walk down memory lane, and decide for yourself: Does Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle hold up?

Ep. 29- ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’

Let’s get down to brass tacks. We’re talking about Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, for this episode of the Nighthawks Podcast.

This deceptively deep movie is from film auteur and former Python, Terry Gilliam, and stars Johnny Depp as the enigmatic Dr. Hunter S. Thompson- er… Raoul Duke.

Hunter S. Thompson’s book is said to have defined a generation, and within it beats the soul of a man who is looking for one last grasp at the sixties. What follows is a true-to-some-degree story about a drug addled journalist and his drug addled attorney taking on Sin City. Will Vegas be the paradise they seek, or just another money making shill?

The Nighthawks present this discussion as our humble tribute to an American folk hero.

Ep 24 ‘Lemmy’ and ‘David Bowie – Five Years’

Leaving 2015 and entering 2016 the world of Rock n Roll suffered two staggering losses. The deaths of Lemmy Kilmister and David Bowie would be the harbinger of a year that would see many celebrities pass, and set the tone for a dour year in entertainment.

Uniquely shaken by the departure of two great icons of music, the Nighthawks watched two documentaries- 2008’s “Lemmy” and 2013’s “David Bowie – Five Years.”

The co-hosts offered this humble episode, part eulogy and part film discussion, to two artists whose loss they felt acutely.

Ep 5 ‘Almost Famous’ and ‘American Pop’

A 4th of July special from 2015 sees the Nighthawks honoring the birthday of the U.S.A. in a special way.

Finding action/sci-fi blockbuster Independence Day a little on-the-nose, and not wanting to corner themselves into the uber-patriotic or the uber-cynical films about the country, of which there are many of both, Trevor and Matt decide to look at a uniquely American institution: Rock and Roll. F

or this coffee and pie date at the Nighthawks’ cafe, the boys watch the psychedelic and trippy rotoscope-animated American Pop. Following that the excellent semi-autobiographical film Almost Famous from filmmaker Cameron Crowe.

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