Ep. 129- Ghostbusters Afterlife

This time around the conceptual Nighthawks Diner is represented by a middle American roadside burger joint in a small town depressed by the energy downturn. This time the Ghostbusting will take place in Oklahoma and not New York City. 

It’s been nearly 30 years since Ghostbusters 2 graced theaters and it’s been nearly 30 years in canon that the Ghostbusters have been out of the public eye. The heirs to a dilapidated farmhouse in a rural Great Plains community begin to pick across the leftovers of the Ghostbusters legacy, and in doing so uncover their own connection to the men who made it happen.

The movie is plagued by a new bout of Gozerism and the boys in the Nighthawks diner are going to parse the demon dogs from the full torso apparitions and discuss if this particular special offering was worth the wait.

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