WHYBW – Morbius, Uncharted, Jackass Forever, Human Resources

WHYBW – What Have You Been Watching?

Matt and Trevor check into their regular booth at the Nighthawks conceptual diner to just chin wag a little bit about some of the movies and projects they’ve been taking in lately.

Morbius– Dr. Michael Morbius is a sickly but brilliant doctor who uses his big brain and his equally sick friend’s big wallet to fund radical bat research. Radical in that it is out of the ordinary, not in the Tony Hawk sense. This mad science goes awry and now Jared Leto is a vampire…or something like that. The new Spider-man extended universe is leaving Matt feeling like he bought a Marvel movie off of Wish.

Uncharted– Based on the wildly successful Playstation game franchise this globetrotting treasure hunt features Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Banderas, and (controversially) Tom Holland as the rugged Nathaniel Drake. Going in with a heart full of hate meant that this one surpassed expectations for Matt.

Jackass Forever– It’s Jackass, but a fourth movie. The torch is passed, the guys get hurt, and the world looks back on an over 20 years of doing dumb stuff in front of video cameras. Blessedly, this one was not in 3D…which is not to say that the effects in part 3 weren’t spectacular.

Human Resources– What if we take the concept of Big Mouth, only go into more adult territory. Not adult as in R-rated, but adult like grown-ups dealing with aging parents. It’s a juvenile humor take on the problems that adults can face in everyday life. Also there are horny monsters getting all over each other.

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