Felicitous Friday the 13th from The Nighthawks Podcast

It’s that special time that only comes around a few times every year, it’s that most unfortunate of unofficial holidays: Friday the 13th. Like all good holidays in the 80s Friday the 13th spawned a horror movie of the same name, and the property has become celebrated as one of the ultimate slasher franchises.

Over the Nighthawks’ long and illustrious pod-career, they’ve crossed paths with Pamela and Jason Voorhees in a couple of different incarnations. For a celebration of Friday the 13th (the holiday) here are the Nighthawks episodes about Friday the 13th (the movies).

13/31 – Friday the 13th (1980) & Halloween (1978)

The year was 2017 and the calendar brought an October gift to the Nighthawks Diner. Friday the 13th and Halloween in the same calendar month. What’s more is that the Nighthawks’ Monstoberfest Returns celebration of horror could not turn down the opportunity to discuss two of the biggest slasher films of all time.

Both about misfortune befalling fumble-prone horny teenagers, when mysterious killers begin picking them off in a brutal, and gruesome manner.

In what ways are these two major slasher films the same? In what ways are they different?

Have a seat in the booth and join the conversation.

Friday the 13th (2009)

The Nighthawks Podcast 2019 horror movie celebration The Spawn of Monstoberfest gave the boys in the booth an opportunity to review remakes of films that had been previously discussed on the podcast. In this case, Matt and Trevor decide to see if a Voorhees machete always cuts twice.

Jared Padalecki stars in this non-supernatural (ahem) entry for the hockey-mask-wearing killer Jason Voorhees. Was this another tired remake, or did the 2009 edition bring something to the table?

Friday the 13th VENGEANCE

For this episode, writer and renaissance man podcaster, T.C. De Witt stops by the conceptual diner to discuss his contribution to the lovingly created and crowdfunded Friday the 13th Vengeance. A not-for-profit fan film that dares to build on one of the best love slasher sagas of the 20th century, and does so very well.

T.C. also talks about his process and the art of writing, as Trevor and Matt slurp down pie-shakes and hurl questions.

The most successful Friday the 13th Crowdfunded fan film at the time of its release, Vengeance features franchise alumni like Steve Dash, Tommy McLoughlin, and C.J. Graham. Also featured in the ensemble cast are Kelly Tappan, Luke Schuck, and Jason Brooks as Jason Voorhees.

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