WHYBW – Jurassic World Dominion, Avatar: The Way of Water, Willow, The Witcher: Blood Origin

WHYBW – What Have You Been Watching?

An all-franchise edition of WHYBW has us looking at three sequels and one prequel from the recently-released and recently-streaming bin. A mixed bag of continuing stories for both the large and small screens. Join the Nighthawks as we serve up another hot and fresh plate of takes.

Jurassic World Dominion– A disappointing end to a disappointing franchise that began with one hell of a good movie.

Avatar: The Way of Water- It’s a “sploosh” from Matt, but the runtime might have Trevor leaving this one high and dry. An effects marvel that is a treat for the eyes, and it has…a story.

Willow– 35 years after the original 1988 feature from George Lucas and Ron Howard, Willow gets his own sequel series on Disney+. Matt and Trevor touch on it briefly, but leave the big review for…

The Witcher: Blood Origin- Toss a coin to your Witcher and have them banish this beast from your Netflix queue. Matt discusses why he finds this The Witcher prequel to be disappointing.

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