Ep 145 The Relic (1997)- Curse of Monstoberfest

From the world of superstition, from the bowels of the Earth, long forgotten: IT’S THE NIGHTHAWKS PODCAST!!!

We’re here to get you as much Monstoberfest as our lives will allow with a comeback holiday special to chill the very bones. 2023’s Halloween season kicks off with an action monster extravaganza known as THE RELIC from 1997, starring Penelope Ann Miller and Tom Sizemore (RIP).

Loosely adapted from a novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, the film version of The Relic finds a hulking monster eating the brains of people at the Chicago Field Museum on the eve of a new blockbuster exhibition based around superstition.

It is up to no-nonsense Chicago cop Vincent D’Agosta and Museum Scientist Nora Kelly to get to the bottom of what’s happening and hopefully avert disaster.

Matt and Trevor grabbed this one at random and are faced with their consequences, as they parse the film as both a stand alone entity and an adaptation of a book that spawned many sequel novels. The movie wasn’t so well received…

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