Ep 146 M3GAN – Curse of Monstoberfest

Just when you thought it was safe to undress in front of your tech devices, one Hollywood movie decides to blend post-Y2k tech panic with the classic formula of the killer doll, and manages to keep things fresh enough to keep The Nighthawks nodding along throughout the movie.

This 2022 movie seems to share a lot of grace notes with a 2019 remake of the iconic Child’s Play property, but seems to strike more of those notes in a clean and well executed manner and it makes for a better movie with no obiligation to an existing license.

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When a young girl, Cady, is involved in a wintertime car accident that claims the lives of her parents, she is sent to live with her career-minded aunt, Gemma. As it happens Gemma is the lead developer on a high-tech toy project that has seen a lot of success, and she struggling with the follow-up. Gemma wants to push the envelope on a super advanced AI driven humanoid playmate for kids, her boss wants a cheaper Furby. Cady’s presence is just what Gemma needs as inspiration to kick off M3GAN, a child-size doll that acts just like another person. But when its time for Cady and M3GAN to integrate with other children Cady’s age, Cady has some difficulty and M3GAN decides that she’ll do anything to protect Cady- including killing people. It’s tech paranoia packaged in a 4-foot tall iBarbie from Hell.

Join Matt and Trevor as they play with their dolls, talk about their fears, and parse if the R or PG-13 after the title of any given horror movie is all that important.

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