Ep 150 – Little Monsters (1989)

This ain’t your kids’ monsters scaring people in their bedrooms movie! This is the one for the elder millennials who were traumatized or seduced by the dark horrors of a movie that is, for all intents and purposes, Night Breed Babies.

Fred Savage, Howie Mandel, Daniel Stern, Rick Ducommun, Frank Whaley, and Devin Ratray put together a pretty impressive cast of “hey I think I know that actor” roles in a bizarre waking mirage of a movie. Fred Savage plays Brian, not Shawn as we call him in the episode, a boy who is protecting his little brother from the boogie man under the bed. But as it turns out, a guy can have a lot of fun hanging out with the boogie man under the bed.

Shades of the Lost Boys, Night Breed, Monster Squad, and the Scholastic Book Fair color our analysis of this movie, that had previously been slated for a Nighthawks episode over 8 years ago.

Come for the Fred Savage analysis, stay for the frank discussion of Steven Seagal’s music career.

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