Author: Trevor T. Trujillo

Ep 77 Collateral (Cruisey like a Foxx)

Our last episode was full of characters. Main characters, side characters, comic relief characters, live characters, dead characters, even weird child characters. We decided this time out, we’d go for something a little more bottled up. A little more nocturnal. You might say we’re putting the podcast on … Cruise control. We’re watching the 2004, […]

Ep 75- The Purge: Election Year (A Nighthawks’ Midterm Election 2018 Special)

Look, folks. Vote. That’s the takeaway, here. That’s all we want you to do, is just exercise your right, should that be something you possess. We acknowledge that some of our listeners may not be eligible. We know that some of our listeners don’t live in the United States of America. Some people who hear […]

Ep 74: War of the Worlds (1938)- Revenge of Monstoberfest

The Nighthawks cafe turns the special Monstoberfest neon sign off, for another year, but if we’re going to go out, we’re taking the rest of the world with us. Nothing is sacred as the Matt an Trevor take a deep bite of Orson Welles’ legendary radio broadcast, that panicked an entire nation! Or… did it? […]

Ep 72 The Devil’s Candy- Revenge of Monstoberfest

Doom chords, creeping voices, killer artwork, and heavy metal family values are deftly painted on the screen, in this sophomore effort from Tasmanian filmmaker Sean Byrne. The first film in 2018’s REVENGE OF MONSTOBER FEST takes the boys from the comforts of the Nighthawks Diner, to the inky black, humid, and hot hills of Texas’ […]

Ep 71- Trailer Talk 2018

Nothing Fancy this time around, folks. The boys are talking trailers, that you can watch right here, right now. Links below, current as of the date of the episode: Historic Trailers… Star Wars- Episode 1: The Phantom Menace––sWDK_nU& Terminator 2: Judgement Day– Superheroes are go… Dark Phoenix – Captain Marvel – Things are […]

Ep. 70 A Goofy Movie (Feat. Charity O’Haodagain)

Matt was out of the diner when this episode was recorded. Polishing his filthy mind in academic pursuits. Sitting in for Matt is Charity O’Haodagain, a mainstay of the Hello Sweetie Podcast Network. With her, Charity brings the Disney Classic feature film, A Goofy Movie. Following the exploits of Disney’s signature dog and his son, […]

Back to School with the Nighthawks: Ep. 69- Grosse Pointe Blank

There are no two ways around it folks. “You can never go home again.” It’s true in life, and it’s mentioned probably three or four times throughout the course of the episode. Just putting out there that it could be important. The movie for this session of coffee and pie is an old favorite of […]

Ep. 68: Zodiac (2007) A Nighthawks True Crime Special

The American serial killer who dubbed himself “Zodiac” began his reign of terror in 1968 and was never officially identified or captured. 50-years later, the mystery and the allure of the Zodiac crimes remains the white whale for many professional and amateur investigators alike. The obsession over the case is the centerpiece theme to the […]