Ep 7- Interview with Tim League Fantastic Fest and Alamo Drafthouse

Please join us in welcoming Alamo Drafthouse Founder and C.E.O. Tim League as our first guest in the Nighthawks Cafe.

This week we talk a little bit about what makes The Alamo Drafthouse theatre chain a household name among cinephiles and a pilgrimage destination for all true-blood movie fans. However, beyond that, we discuss FANTASTIC FEST, the United States’ largest genre film festival. We talk with Tim who is the festival’s co-founder about what sets FANTASTIC FEST apart from other film festivals in the country and why Matt and Trevor have earmarked this festival in particular as the first one we cover on the podcast.

So join us as we begin getting excited for this wonderful time of the year, at Ground-Zero Austin, TX; then join us this September when FANTASTIC FEST lands and lays the Nighthawks to complete waste.

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