Ep 14- Monster Squad and Waxwork (Monstoberfest: Monster Mash-Up)

We’re back from hiatus and ready to hit the Halloween season with both fists.

This month we’ll be focusing specifically on MONSTERS! But the end of the month is just scant days away! How do we plan to cram all these monsters into the remainder of the month?

Easy! In this episode we knock several monsters out in one fell swoop, using only two films. Now THAT is economy.

If THE AVENGERS is the big sweeping cross-over to bring all the superheroes together, then there are two films that can do the same for some of the most famous monsters in film history. First up, we have WAXWORK, a cheesy 80’s romp where a spooky wax museum isn’t exactly what it might first seem. If Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that all wax museums harbor dark secrets, in WAXWORK it’s that the tableaus are alive and they want you to become a part.

We get The Mummy, we get The Wolfman, we get Dracula and many more under one roof, lovingly curated by the sinister David Warner! This 1988 gem is sure to be a good fit at your next party. After that, Trevor and Matt settle into the vinyl corner booth of the Nighthawks cafe to talk about a timeless classic of their youth.

What is the 1987 equivalent of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN?

Try THE GOONIES meet the Universal Monsters, and that formula isn’t too far off with THE MONSTER SQUAD. Sound off- we have Dracula, we have Wolfman, we have Frankenstein’s Monster, we have The Mummy, we have the Creature From the Black Lagoon and they’re all looking to murder children. THE MONSTER SQUAD is a darkly comic classic that’s sure to tickle your inner child, and prompt the question “why don’t they make them like this anymore?”

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