Ep 15 Häxan and The Blair Witch Project (Monstoberfest- Bruja Brouhaha)

Enter the Nighthawks cafe on this Spooky October night.

The Monstoberfest celebration continues with an examination of some of the most recognizable, but not so cinematically represented Halloween season monsters. Trevor and Matt will have to pick up every stitch, as they embark on the season of the witch.

Witches and witchcraft will be under inspection, today.

First up, a classic silent film from 1922, that examines witch folklore and history as a pseudo-reenactment documentary. Straight from the Criterion collection, it’s HAXAN.

Following that, a movie heavily inspired by HAXAN; about three college students wandering into the forests of Maryland in search of a legendary witch. But as the protagonists find themselves hopelessly lost, they encounter something that can’t be identified. Getting to the bottom of the mystery only gets replaced with the desire to survive in THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.

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