Ep 17- The Exorcist and Needful Things (The Devil and Max Von Sydow)

Max Von Sydow vs. The Devil: Who wins?

What happens when Max Von Sydow *is* The Devil?

We don’t have the answers for you. What we do have is two movies about The Devil, as Trevor and Matt sample a first slice of the classic William Friedkin horror masterpice: THE EXORCIST.

The guys watched the movie and they have thoughts they’d like to share. Specifically if THE EXORCIST manages to get past Matt’s predisposition to disliking demon-posession films? Von Sydow plays an elderly priest and archeologist, who is asked to help rid a young girl of her literal demons.

Second on the menu: Max Von Sydow takes up arms against the other side.

In NEEDFUL THINGS, Von Sydow plays the charismatic and manipulative Leland Gaunt, proprietor of a small-town antique store. However Gaunt isn’t as he appears to be, he’s actually doing a great bit of scheming and tempting, leaving it up to Ed Harris to get to the bottom of things.

Does The Devil make us do bad things, or were we just not living up to our evil potential?

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