Ep 34- The “Lost” Casablanca Episode

Sometimes you just can’t help the way things work out. The lion’s share of this “lost” episode was recorded in November of 2015.

The new wrap-around intro and outro was recorded in February of 2016.

Today we decided to quit sitting on it and just release the thing.

Unfortunately, no sooner than we began uploading to file to our podcast host, then it was discovered that Madeleine Lebeau has died at the age of 92. Lebeau was considered by many to be the last living cast member of Casablanca. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to release the “lost” CASABLANCA episode as originally planned and hope that people understand the context under which it was created and posted, and don’t see it as an insensitive traffic grab on our parts.

We’re saddened to learn of the passing of this remarkable actress, who (in real life) escaped Nazi-occupied France with her then-husband, who also appears in the film. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to Ms. Lebeau, her family, and her loved ones.

Casablanca, a story about love, passion, espionage, intrigue, action, and more than a few laughs is a favorite of one of the Nighthawks hosts, and is a new acquisition of the other. In this episode we discuss the classic old Hollywood favorite and why it still seems to work all of these years later.

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

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