Episode 33- The Sting and Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

Redford and Newman: Kid Tested, Mother Approved

A belated order of Mother’s Day love to the moms at the Nighthawks cafe.

We’re not talking about Peggy, the Nighthawks cafe waitress with the matronly instincts that makes sure that we eat all of our meat before we have our pudding. No, we’re talking about our ACTUAL mothers; they who have given birth and succor to Trevor and Matt.

In this episode the boys have discovered that their respective mothers share something in common: a healthy respect for Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

For a special longer-than-average episode, the guys discuss BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KID (a favorite of Mrs. Matt’s Mom) and THE STING (beloved by Mrs. Trevor’s Mom).

These two films showcase the broad-spectrum wide appeal of Redford and Newman. The screen radiates as the actors ooze charisma, all while the snappy repartee crackles off the deftly written page and onto the screen.

The dynamic duo plays thieves in both films, armed with six shooters in one and cock-sure confidence in the other. While the rakish Robin Hood capering leads to a slick heist in THE STING; BUTCH & SUNDANCE takes a minute to get real and explore some heavy themes.

Love of these films must be hereditary, as the boys seem to carry a great deal of affection for them, too.

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