Ep. 36- The Warriors and Rubble Kings (Nighthawks come out and plaaaay-aaaaaay)

Another one from the year-one vaults.

In this never-before-heard “lost” episode, the guys in the Nighthawks diner bent their early format a bit.

Discussing two movies simultaneously, the pair watched the classic street gang genre opus THE WARRIORS and also watched the documentary RUBBLE KINGS about the very real world that inspired THE WARRIORS.

The streets of the South Bronx were a no man’s land where police feared to go and ambulances dared not enter. Street gangs on every corner threatened violence at any moment.

In the fictional world of THE WARRIORS a street gang is framed for a transgression that they didn’t commit, while deep behind enemy lines.

In RUBBLE KINGS it’s up to the anti-gang gang to try to broker a peace and keep the youngsters of New York from murdering each other.

Where one gives credibility to the other, you’ll be shocked at where the real vs. reel line is for THE WARRIORS.

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