Episode 48- Neill Blomkamp and Oats Studios- Three Short Films

But have you seen Blomkamps latest films? What if I told you it was only a matter of clicking a link and taking the time to watch them?

That’s all it is.

Neill Blomkamp as launched Oats Studios, an artist collective that’s released several projects, including some quick-bite skit-like videos; and three fully realized short films that function both as self-contained narrative and as a pitch reel for a potential future project.

Blomkamp is hoping to catch the eyes of a fanbase, to help directly fund future projects through Oats Studios. Both as expansions of their current projects and a launchpad for new ideas.

The three short films we cover in tonight’s episode are:




Watch these shorts (Should take about 90 minutes, the same as a feature) then listen afterward for a little post-movie coffee and

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