Ep. 50 Monstoberfest Returns- Creepy Fans: Misery and Phantom ’25

Two years ago, this podcast took a monstrous turn.

We are, of course, being cheeky. In October of 2015 the Nighthawks were actually kind of finding a stride, and in quick succession they launched their October Halloween programming. The original Monstoberfest remains among the Nighthawk’s favorite episodes, and are often called back to.

So, why not bring back a good thing? Every good horror property needs a sequel, right?! Dare we say, “franchise?”

Monstoberfest Returns.

In any event, we’re bobbing for another bite at the Halloween apple this year, and we’re kicking it off in a big way.

History is riddled with examples of toxic fan culture, and sadly it’s an issue that we, as a society, have just begun to discuss. While the Nighthawks are putting a bookmark in that slot, for a more in-depth look at actual fan culture, they thought they’d take a stab at the artistic side.

1925’s Phantom of the Opera is a seminal film that would help set the stage for genre films throughout history. An early silent effort, this adaptation of Gaston Leroux’s novel strikes closest to the heart of the source material. Andrew Lloyd Webber may have painted a picture of a pitiful and romantic Phantom, but 1925 was far less kind. When they adapted the story about the gaslighting murderer who felt privileged to a woman’s virtue, they felt he should be a bad guy. With legendary makeup effects that still hold up today, this Lon Chaney masterpiece is a must-watch for the film completest.

Good news, Phantom of the Opera is a public domain film and can be viewed numerous places online. Simply search for it.

The Nighthawks’ second film is the Rob (not Carl) Reiner adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery. The only King adaptation (so far *eyebrow waggle*) to win an Oscar. James Caan plays Paul Sheldon, a badly injured author who has been “rescued” by his number one fan, from an icy death. Annie Wilkes, played to perfection by Kathy Bates, turns out to be less of a savior and more of a nightmare. We’ve all heard that we should be careful meeting our heroes, sometimes it’s our heroes who need saved from us.

More Monstoberfest Returns to come! Watch this space for details.

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