Ep. 51 Monstoberfest Returns: 31/13- Halloween and Friday the 13th

It’s the most murder filled time of the year!

It’s October, and that means it’s time for MONSTOBERFEST RETURNS. This is by-and-large because October is when Halloween is, which gives us a good excuse to watch spooky movies. Movies like the aptly named slasher classic, John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN.

But October 2017 is something truly special, as well. To make things extra spooky, October also hosted a 13th day on a Friday. Which means it’s a good time to break out the classic copy of Sean S. Cunningham’s FRIDAY THE 13th.

Both about misfortune befalling fumble-prone horny teenagers, when mysterious killers begin picking them off in a brutal, and gruesome manner.

In what ways are these two major slasher films the same? In what ways are they different?

Have a seat in the booth and join the conversation.

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