Here we are, we’re going to wade into the fray. But suffice it to say, if we were on the Disney payroll, we’d be driving better cars.

Tonight the Nighthawks talk about a movie in current release, the latest WB/DC Tent Pole event film: Justice League. Not unlike THE AVENGERS that came before (in many cases waaaay not unlike enough), WB/DC slams a bunch of bankable (?) heroes into a Save-the-Cat film, that resembles so many other films of its kind, we almost kind of would rather have watched them.

While neither Matt nor Trevor “hated” or even “disliked” Justice League, they don’t hold back in the opinion that they were expecting a little bit more, and the puzzlement as to why they didn’t get more.

Also, we have some… feelings to parse about Jason Momoa.

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