Star Wars Life Day Double-Header: Rogue One and The Last Jedi

Merry Life Day to everyone in this galaxy, and in a galaxy far away, and to ring in the holiday season, the Nighthawks have a special two-parter for you.

Episode 54: Rogue One- A Star Wars Story

Trevor and Matt play a game of catch-up for this episode. Having covered Star Wars from Episodes 1-7, over two episodes back in 2015, it’s time for another double feature.

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In Nighthawks Episode 54, the boys discuss 2016’s Rogue One- A Star Wars Story. Matt makes a shocking confession about where he places the newest Star Wars prequel in his personal ranking of excellence, and Trevor ranks them differently, but compelling cases are made.

A bold new direction for the Star Wars franchise, tonally and stylistically, this isn’t your grandfather’s Star Wars. Or, more accurately, it’s closer to your grandfather’s idea of a “War” film than one might give credit for, walking in blind.

On top of being a prequel and on top of being a recent release in a turbulent fan culture, Rogue One caught some political flack as to its casting choices. Is Rogue One a bold step forward for a more inclusive Hollywood? Or is it an affront to the choices made in the classic trilogy.

Matt and Trevor have a few opinions about that…

Episode 55: Star Wars Episode VIII- The Last Jedi

We are one with The Force, The Force is with us. We are one with The Force, The Force is with us. We are one with The Force, The Force is with us.

In Nighthawks Episode 55, we talk about Star Wars Episode VIII- The Last Jedi. Like Donnie Yen wandering deftly, but blindly, through the crossfire, Matt and Trevor wander into the battleground as they opine about the latest film in the core Star Wars saga.

A movie that has proven to be divisive among fans, it seems like you either love it or hate it. The Nighthawks have their own opinions about the film. They also, in a not-too-surprising meta twist, have their own opinions about your opinions.

Then again, the movie seems to have an opinion about all of our opinions.

Director Rian Johnson, of LOOPER and BRICK fame, takes the 2017 edition of the Star Wars franchise into bold new territories, subverting expectations, forging ahead, and putting its own brand on the beloved property. Did they go a step too far?

Meanwhile, the political conversation continues to boil. Is The Last Jedi an allegory for our modern political spheres? Our modern pop culture fan spheres? Both?

Or is this Carababba tabac cigarra just a cigarra?

Join us at the conceptual Nighthawks cafe as we avoid the Star Wars Christmas Special, and talk about the wars among the stars that you want to hear about.

Disagree with us? Agree? Let us know.

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