Ep 63 The Big Lebowski- Uncensored 4/20 Edition

The Nighthawks Diner is many things to many people.

It’s conceptual. That’s how it works.

For some people, it’s a great place for coffee and pie, after you catch a movie. For others, it’s a good place for coffee and pie, after you catch a buzz.

No matter if you’re satiating your artistic interpretation, or satiating your munchies; Jennie the Waitress has you.

But on 4/20, the Nighthawks like to celebrate both breeds. In this special TOTALLY UNCENSORED and TOTALLY SPOILER-FILLED episode, Matt and Trevor decide to celebrate the unofficial holiday, by exalting one of the most beloved stoners of the silver screen:

The Dude.

We’ve been sitting on this episode idea for a very long time, and now the time has come.

An off-the-wall mixture of the grittiest of film noir and the indiest of film character study, THE BIG LEBOWSKI is a Coen Brothers movie that stands on its own. A movie that belongs nowhere, yet is so beloved it is synonymous with cult following.

We’re not kidding. There’s a religion.

Want some good movie chatter with your edibles, or lack thereof?

The Nighthawks abide.

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