Ep. 62- Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

Much like the slice of conceptual pie that our listeners treat themselves to at the end of every NIGHTHAWKS episode, this slice of the NIGHTHAWKS PODCAST is indulgent.

The boys sit down and reach into the slimy and slippery muck that is their interior feelings, you’ll find this movie nestled snug against the heartstrings: GONE IN 60 SECONDS (2000).

Not the O.G. exploitation movie from the 1970s, this remake comes to us straight from the turn of the millennium. A car theft ring runs afoul of the law, meaning that the head heist-er is on the hook for 50 cars, to be stolen in a matter of hours.

It’s up to the retired master thief, Memphis Raines, to sail into industrial Los Angeles to bail out the young hotness, who also happens to be Memphis’s estranged brother.

Starring a cavalcade of stars in an ensemble car-chase heist film, GONE IN 60 SECONDS is an official NIGHTHAWKS “Underappreciated Gem.

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