Ep 80- Captain Marvel- She’s Marvelous

It’s a Marvel prequel. Although the boys call it the first, it’s not.

Where Captain America: The First Avenger took us back to World War II, Captain Marvel: The First Female Lead Marvel Hero Movie takes us back to Operation Desert Storm.

Not that the Middle Eastern conflict plays heavily into the story of Carol Danvers and her fantastic super powers, but the setting of the early 90s is important.

Captain Marvel manages to evoke a nostalgia for a largely untapped 90s market, while also managing to cater to a largely untapped female-lead-in-superhero-movies market.

While it can be a disservice to call this “A Female Superhero Movie” as an assignment of genre, we do feel that it’s a Superhero Movie that very much deals with female identity in modern society, and serves as an allegory for the fight for women’s rights.

The political angles on this have some Marvel fans ruffling their feathers, but…

Get used to it. Captain Marvel is blazing a trail, and the Nighthawks think this is just one example of many more inclusive movies to come.

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