Nighthawks Reheated: Ep 24- ‘Lemmy’ and ‘Bowie: Five Years’ (Goodnight To Lemmy and The Thin White Duke)

The beginning of 2016 was a rough one, and things didn’t let up. While we can all claim a certain amount of grievance geopolitically, it was also a particularly hard year for celebrity deaths.

At the end of 2015 we lost the rock god Lemmy Kilmister, weeks later followed musical legend David Bowie, and not long after we lost the phenomenal thespian Alan Rickman.

Two years later, on the birthday of David Bowie, we humbly submit this rerun, one of our most popular episodes.

Original show notes posted originally at on January 21st, 2016:

We mention in this episode (a discussion of the recently departed Lemmy and David Bowie,) that Alan Rickman passed the day after the record. During the post production phase, we’ve lost many other contributors to the arts.

Sadly, we cannot give a fitting tribute to all we’ve lost, there simply isn’t time, and the podcast would simply become a year-round in memoriam, and would probably leave the hosts in a very dour mood.

Instead we offer this humble episode, part eulogy part film discussion, to two of the artists whose loss we felt acutely.

Also, please consider making a donation of money or time to the cancer charity of your choice, to honor these and many other unsung heroes who fight the hard battle.

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