Ep. 82- Molly’s Game and Molly Bloom

In 2014 a woman facing insurmountable odds in the American legal system, published a telling memoir about the most elite poker game to hit either the East or West coasts.

Molly Bloom published Molly’s Game, about her stellar achievements in the world of (mostly) legitimate underground poker. Molly’s book named some names of the many Hollywood heavy swingers that used to sit around Molly’s poker table, pulling in million dollar pots.

After the book was released, Molly’s journey continued, and the story, including the publishing of the book, was adapted into a movie, directed by Aaron Sorkin.

Make sense?

Molly’s Game isn’t a movie that fits into an easy category for a quick sell. But it is an interesting story, about a fascinating person, who did some impressive things, and faces daunting adversity. On top of that you have Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, and Michael Cera filling out the cast.

The boys in the cafe sit down for a hand of liar’s poker as they discuss both the book and the movie.

Speaking of conversations at cafes involving books and movies, our friends at the Watchtower Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah are moving and looking to be better than ever. The boys discuss this in the episode, and the Watchtower Kickstarter can be found here:


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