Ep 83- King’s Pet Sematary (1989/2019) aka The Cat Came Back

Way back when, most of us watched a movie that scared us – but maybe at the wrong times, and about the wrong things. Then we read a story that scared us – or maybe it just filled us with premature angst? Then, someone buried that movie where the earth was sour, and now, we have a chance to watch a resurrected movie that will scare us some more…. OR WILL IT?

This episode, we took that little game we sometimes play – “Should it be remade” – and turn it into a comprehensive game of Should It Have Been Made and Also Should it Have Been Remade as we talk all things Pet Semetary (including that odd spelling).

We’re comparing the (very) 1989 release of Pet Semetary to its shiny new cousin…and that means scary kid talk, scary sister talk, scary kitty talk, with some bonus book talk, and a whole lot of Fred Gwynne love.

By the time we’re done pitting these differing adaptations against each other, the scorecard may just surprise you.

We also delve, once more, into the filmability of stephen King – a man with so many book-to-film adaptations under his belt you can basically build any resume you choose for him.

Also, we’re doing what we can to bring attention to our friends at Watchtower Coffee and Comics and their plan to relocate their space – you can check that out at: https://bit.ly/2JmQJBd

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