Ep 87- The Hitcher (1986)

On the lonely highways in West Texas, a young man faces down a lone hitch hiker who is on a screaming ride to Hell. Such is the case for The Hitcher in 1986, starring C. Thomas Howell (Far Out Man, Soul Man) and the late Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, Escape From Sobibor, Blind Fury).

A film that saw a lot of change between the page and the screen, John Ryder hitches a ride with Jim Halsey, and he begins to terrorize the young man on a cross-country psychological car chase and mental breakdown.

Also along for the ride is Jennifer Jason Leigh, as a tough and smart waitress in a small town diner.

We also took a look at the 2003 sequel and the 2007 remakeā€¦so you don’t have to.

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