Ep 86- Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Once again the curse of coincidental timing has made our planned nostalgic look at a childhood favorite, oddly timely.

As was announced on August 17, 2019; Richard Williams, animator, auteur, creator, and artist died at age 86. Among Williams’ credits is the film that we talk about in this episode.

Part tent-pole special effects film, part period noir, part madcap animated feature; Richard Williams was the man who told director Robert Zemeckis “yes we can,” when the rest of the industry told him “we can’t.”

An in-depth mystery, an iconic presence in pop culture, and a watershed moment in special effects film making, Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a generation’s introduction to hard boiled detectives, femme fatales, and corruption in Los Angeles city planning.

An enduring classic that tested the limits and is yet to be matched. An enduring legacy for an animator who did the impossible.

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