Ep 90 The Telluride Horror Show- Nighthawks Part 2lluride

The Nighthawks Telluride Horror Show ’19 2lluride Halloween Special Part 2 with Spectral Ghost-Host Fancy Mark Ball Again

It’s a Halloween Special, WITHIN A HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!!! The boys postponed the Monstoberfest action, in favor of a little Monstemberfest bleed (we’re committed to this bit).

There will be no spoilers for these films.

The guys talk about hotly anticipated films from Hulu and Netflix, ELI and WOUNDS. Matt has opinions on the film 1BR, Mark talks THE DEEPER YOU DIG, and Trevor makes the case for SCARE PACKAGE.

Matt, Trevor, and Mark bring you the low down from two miles up (give or take) in the beautiful mountain community of Telluride, Colorado. As it would so happen, the Telluride Horror Show was also in town- so we have a lot of relevant stuff to talk about.

Sure to become a fan favorite, VFW gets a look from our panel, while opinions differ on the upcoming THE LODGE.

Don’t forget the word is: Don’t miss SWEETHEART.

Also! Coincidentally, spectral guest co-ghost Mark Ball, who dabbles in action figure animation, worked on this newly released video from the band Pleasure People, for their single Miss Midnight.

Also, Mark’s latest submission to the Fantastic Fest bumper competition can be found here.

For more information on the Telluride Horror Show, check their website. Information for the 2020 show is already being posted. www.telluridehorrorshow.com/

For Part I of our Telluride Horror Show Coverage, check us out here:

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