Ep 93 The Nice Guys (Back in Black Friday)

The boys celebrated Black Friday, not by going out and spending, but by staying in and watching a movie.

Honoring the holiday, Matt and Trevor made this Friday especially Black by talking about a Black Movie. Shane Black, to be precise.

The subject of Nighthawks Episodes 21 and 22 is on deck, and Matt and Trevor are talking about his 1970s period detective comedy The Nice Guys.

First up though, the guys have been watching The Mandalorian on Disney+ an have a few spoiler free thoughts.

Also with an equipped spoiler curtain in place the Nighthawks examine another writer/director turn by Shane Black.

This isn’t Black’s latest turn in the director’s chair, also briefly discussed is The Predator and the scandal involving Black hiring a known sex offender.

Those wanting more information on those reports can begin here. These are historical articles and are presented here for information and context purposes:

Olivia Munn Says Fox Didn’t Return Her Call Initially After Reporting ‘Predator’ Sex Offender (Variety)

Shane Black Apologizes Again for ‘Stupid Decision’ to Hire Sex Offender for ‘The Predator’ (Variety)

Fox Deletes Scene From ‘The Predator’ With Registered Sex Offender (Variety)

Victim of ‘The Predator’ Sex Offender Comes Forward to Thank Olivia Munn for Taking a Stand (Hollywood Reporter)

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