Reheated: Ep. 28 Pontypool (aka The Canadian Valentine’s Day Massacre)

Still identifying as “not very festive” in regards to Valentine’s Day, the co-hosts decided to open the fridge and reheat this classic episode from 2016...

Join us for a non-traditional St. Valentine’s Day in the Great White North, with a fantastic Canadian horror film: PONTYPOOL.

All is not as it seems in the provincial Ontario town of Pontypool. A shock-jock FM radio DJ is going through his usual motions, when the the world starts to go to Hell.

It’s up to DJ Grant Mazzy, producer Sydney Briar, and production assistant Laurel-Ann Drummond to keep it together as the town outside falls apart.

Written by Tony Burgess and Directed by Bruce McDonald, PONTYPOOL is a thought-provoking and fiercely intelligent horror film, that marries superb writing with stellar performance.

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