Ep 98 TRON

Welcome to the 80s!

Tortoiseshell glasses with smoky lenses, Texas tech impresarios, brown suits, and Silicon Valley Dudes programing the latest hit video games.

As technology began to explode into the American home, the world struggled with how to interpret this new way of life. Inevitably the artistic medium of our times saw a pretty incredible attempt to imagine the world from within technology itself.

This is Disney’s TRON, a 1985 science fiction film starring Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, and David Warner. The movie would become and infamous flop, and a bold new bar in the world of technology and animation.

A harbinger of things to come, not only narratively, but in the film industry; love it or hate it, TRON has grist for the Nighthawks’ Diner conversation.

Pull up a seat and join us.

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