Ep 100 Special- What Do Movies Mean to Us?

It’s a simple question.

What do movies mean to you?

It’s the answers that aren’t always so simple.

For this episode we asked this question of fourteen guests, and their answers are as varied as they are. Big thanks to these folks for making this special episode extra special.

  • Mark Ball (Podcaster- Doing the Nasty, Action Figure Photographer)
  • Chris Bucheit (Chef, Musician- Middle Class Joe)
  • Susan Burke (Comedian, actor, director, writer- Southbound, Stan Against Evil)
  • C. Robert Cargill (Novelist, podcaster, writer- Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Sinister)
  • Rebecca Frost (Podcaster, critic)
  • Steven DeGennaro (Podcaster, writer, director- Found Footage 3D, Stop)
  • Lucas Lee Graham (Producer, director, cinematographer- Escape from Tomorrow)
  • Cameron Maris (Oscar Czar, musician- Middle Class Joe)
  • Matt Peters (Comedian, actor- Orange is the New Black, Weeds)
  • Maxim Pozderac (Video clerk, live trivia game show host)
  • Charity O’Haodagain (Podcaster, previous Nighthawks guest)
  • Scott Schalchlin (State of Texas, previous Nighthawks guest)
  • Nicholas Don Smith (Comedian, host- Dungeons and Comedy)
  • Kristal Starr (Comedian, podcaster)
  • Special guest appearance: CadenceĀ (Small Child)


Editorial Note: After the interviews were conducted for this podcast, but before production was complete, one of our guests suffered some very unfortunate news. Because of the economic impacts of COVID-19, Vulcan Video; Austin, Texas video store; will shutter completely. We have spoken with Max since then, and he is in good spirits but very sorry about the closure.

From all of us at the Nighthawks’ conceptual diner to all of our loved ones at Vulcan Video: Our love to you.

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