Ep. 101 Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle- A 4/20/2020 Special

It’s that time of year and with the calendar coincidence, we couldn’t turn down another pass at a 4/20 marijuana-themed episode.

This year is 2020 so 4/20 gets two extra 20s, and we’re assured that means celebrators get to consume more marijuana than a normal 4/20, and they get to celebrate longer because “all month is 4/20.”

The mysteries of this holiday are many, and we’re getting to the age where we don’t understand.

What we do understand are raunchy pot comedies from the early millennium. We also need to apologize for a lot of comedy from the early millennium. There’s a lot of gay panic in Harold & Kumar’s franchise. Something that we weren’t sensitive to back then, but is a call for introspection this time.

Speaking of introspection, it’s not all insensitive humor. The poop and fart jokes still land as poop and fart jokes, and the movie offers us a refreshing look at functional stoners, as well as non-white protagonists.

Issues of race and xenophobia are touched on. So are early millennium hangups on plural sexuality.

Take a walk down memory lane, and decide for yourself: Does Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle hold up?

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