‘The Movie Song’ by Middle Class Joe, available for pre-order

Hey all you Nighthawks Diner Denizens! Hot off our 100th episode, the Nighthawks House Band, Middle Class Joe, has made their brand new single ‘The Movie Song‘ available for pre-order.

The Movie song was written for and debuted on the Nighthawks Ep 100 Audio Essay: What Do Movies Mean to Us? A collection of movie quotes and references that fly by at the speed of nostalgia, this song kept the Nighthawks rewinding, relistening, and humming along all day.

Written by Chris Bucheit and Cameron Maris, the pair perform as Middle Class Joe. You can also hear an exclusive conversation with the artists, on Episode 100.

Nighthawks fans looking to have a copy of The Movie Song for their very own can find them here:

‘The Movie Song’ on Google Play

‘The Movie Song’ on Amazon

‘The Movie Song’ on Spotify (Link via Distrokid)

The Movie Song album art courtesy of Middle Class Joe. 
Photo credit: Ajeet Mestry, Unsplash 

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