Ep 107- Rob Roy (1995)

Gather ye ’round, children, and we’ll weave ye’ a tale. From the Highlands of Scotland where the breeze kisses the heather, and Liam Neeson kisses Jessica Lange under an upright boulder.

Matt and Trevor order off menu for a steaming plate of haggis to discuss Rob Roy, the other Scottish period film from 1995, and one that contains 100% less Mel Gibson than the alternative.

Rob Roy McGregor, a Scottish chief would live to become an outlaw, before entering legend as a folk hero. His true story is loosely adapted for the screen, with an all-star cast including Neeson, Lange, Brian Cox, Tim Roth, John Hurt, Eric Stoltz, and Andrew Keir.

Solid performances, dynamic swashing of buckles, and expert sword play bring the world of 18th century Scotland to life, in what amounts to a crime/fugitive thriller by today’s standards.

Also, Rob Roy is very in love with his wife. They don’t want you to forget that.

Love, honor, revenge, pride, politics, and crime are all on display amid the breathtaking scenery of the Scottish Highlands.

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