Ep 108 Lifeforce (1985)- MONSTOBERFEST IN SPACE

Content advisory: This film discusses the 1985 film named Lifeforce, not the 1986 video game Life Force (aka Salamander). Given the nature of the internet we felt it best to disclaim in advance.

The horror comes from beyond the stars for MONSTOBERFEST IN SPACE, the celebration of horror movies that have a basis in the cosmos.

During an Earth passby of Halley’s Comet, daring British space exploration team makes a shocking discovery: a derelict alien spacecraft, with three naked humans in glass coffins.

When the glass coffins are brought on board, there is a disaster in space, causing the deaths of all the British space explorers, save one American Colonel.

Seemingly unharmed, the glass coffins are brought to earth where they are opened, and the psychic space vampires inside wreck havoc on London and the surrounding countryside.

Notorious for containing a LOT of Mathilda May, Lifeforce also stars Steve Railsback, Peter Firth, Frank Finlay, and Sir Patrick Stewart.

The naked space vampire movie that the guys thought they remembered, is not the one they caught on display. Overshadowed by a lot of nudity, Lifeforce shares a great deal of DNA with Dracula, Night of the Living Dead, and Alien.

And we don’t just mean Dan O’Bannon, either. Whom we will discuss very, very soon.

Just not right now. Gotta leave some pod fodder for the rest of MONSTOBERFEST IN SPACE!

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