WHYBW – 3,000 Years of Longing; Nope; The Black Phone…and more

WHYBW – What Have You Been Watching?

The latest fairy tale from a beloved film auteur as well as several tips into horror for the upcoming Halloween season. Pull up a seat in the booth and join the boys for a discussion of what they’ve been watching lately.

3,000 Years of Longing– A modern fable from a modern master. Matt checked out this new genie-in-a-bottle movie from Mad Max creator George Miller.

The Black Phone- C. Robert Cargill and Scott Derrickson queue up a balloon bouquet of horror, from a short story by Joe Hill. 

Nope– According to Matt: Hit it as cold as possible.

Bodies Bodies Bodies– Horror comedy skewers the elite influencer class in this unique take on the slasher genre.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)– Leatherface vs. Hipsters

Hammer Dracula- Trevor has seen all the Hammer Dracula films featuring either Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee or both. What did he learn?

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