The Nighthawks vs. Dracula

The guys reheat some episodes chronicling our love/hate relationship with one of the biggest horror baddies in all of literature.

Ep 4- The Horror of Dracula

In honor of the 2015 passing of Christopher Lee, the denizens of the diner explored his first turn as the titular vampire for Hammer Films.

Ep 14- Monster Squad / Waxwork

Dracula appears in both of these 80s crossover horror comedies, and the guys in the Nighthawks Diner are here for it.

Ep 92- Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Back to the source material via Francis Ford Coppola for this movie that’s definitely doing its own thing. Can the Nighthawks break Dracula’s Curse?

No. They cannot.

Ep 108- Lifeforce

Maybe not Dracula by name, but this oft overlooked sci-fi horror film has more in common with Bram Stoker’s novel than someone might catch on first blush. Speaking of blush…

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