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Ep 79 The Poseidon Adventure (aka Poseidon Upside Down Quake)

Happy New Year to all of the listeners of the Nighthawks Podcast. As the slow march of time slowly ticks over an arbitrary number assigned by men to account for revolutions around the sun, the boys decide to join in the festivities with a movie that starts with a New Year’s Eve Celebration. According to […]

Episode 44- Punchin’ Nazis with THE DIRTY DOZEN

Lee Marvin Ernest Borgnine Most of you are already in at this point. Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine are definitely a performance dream team, and that bill alone would be worth the price of admission. But, let’s keep going… Charles Bronson (American actor, not British Criminal) Telly Savalas Donald Sutherland. You’re fully on board now. […]