Ep 79 The Poseidon Adventure (aka Poseidon Upside Down Quake)

Happy New Year to all of the listeners of the Nighthawks Podcast.

As the slow march of time slowly ticks over an arbitrary number assigned by men to account for revolutions around the sun, the boys decide to join in the festivities with a movie that starts with a New Year’s Eve Celebration.

According to the mythology of The Poseidon Adventure, just after midnight on New Years Eve, a rogue wave struck and capsized the SS Poseidon, as it was on its final voyage.

Stuck on the boat is a handful of survivors led by a rebellious preacher (Gene Hackman), with backup from the immortal Shelly Winters, Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons, Carol Lynley, and Jack Albertson.

It’s a disaster tale of survival and thrills as the midnight hour brings calamity to The Poseidon Adventure.

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