Ep 20- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man Three (Kiss Kiss Clang Clang)

We’re back in Black with a double-dose of Downey.

In a follow up to our Black Friday episode, this is our Black Christmas.

When first we discussed Shane Black the writer, now we explore him as a writer-director. First off, the criminally underrated black comedy noir (forgive the literal redundancy) KISS KISS BANG BANG.

A petty thief accidentally catches the attention of a talent agent in LA. When he’s taking “Detective Lessons” from a real Hollywood P.I., the thief and the detective become wrapped up in a steamy and salacious case.

We then switch gears and take up arms to defend a blockbuster film that the Nighthawks feel was unfairly maligned. Iron-Man is back to the skies and fighting off a vast terrorist organization in IRON MAN THREE. But when Tony Stark finds himself trapped in the Midwest without his trademark suits, it takes the Stark ingenuity to investigate the crime, and find the culprit. Of course, true to Black form, both films take place during the Christmas season.

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