Nighthawks: The Star Wars Episodes- The Road to The Force Awakens, and the Arrival

Nighthawks Episode 21- The Journey to THE FORCE AWAKENS

We’re excited for Star Wars! But we realize not everyone can get to the cinema right away. So, we recorded this episode especially for folks who haven’t seen STAR WARS EPISODE VII THE FORCE AWAKENS. We talk original trilogy, prequel trilogy, special edition trilogy, what works and what doesn’t. We discuss our feelings of anticipation and our desires for Episode VII. If you HAVE seen episode VII, then you can still get a lot of enjoyment here, and be on the look out for the chock-full-o’-spoilers NIGHTHAWKS Episode 22

Nighthawks Episode 22- Arrival at THE FORCE AWAKENS

No big deal, it’s just a box office shattering juggernaut that represents the collision of a successful property with a hugely successful entertainment conglomerate. We’re here to talk about it. What follows is the absolutely spoiler-ridden podcast, wherein Matt and Trevor get downright granular on their discussion of the newest film in the STAR WARS saga. Complimentary to Episode 21, this episode is an exploration of the film, by two people who have see it, for the people who have seen it. We’re not kidding. Lots of spoilers ahead. Like… big spoilers. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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